Works and hotel reforms


  • Functionality: coordination with the hotel management so that each space is as functional as possible and helps to develop the business more effectively.

  • Temporary flexibility: coordinate with the hotel management to develop the work at that time with lower occupancy, with good programming, helping to minimize the impact on the business.

  • Maximum coordination with Hotel teams (direction, sales, maintenance, cleaning ... etc.), trying to create the least possible inconvenience to customers, helping to the regular operation of the business.


We are specializing in design and hotel refurbishment, trying to reflect the real identity of your hotel, enhancing your brand image, combining aesthetics with functionality and low cost:

  • Draft composition.
  • Budgeting.
  • Basic design drafting and processing of building permit.
  • Elaboration of Execution Project.
  • Work execution and processing of certifications.
  • Project Management and Coordination of Safety and Health.
  • Design and drafting certificate of work and Final Acceptance Certificate.
  • Processing of license activity.




  • Hotel Convent Aracena